Date: August 26, 2016 
Leader: Sheila Dunn

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25 members joined this foray on a steamy August day, with temperatures rising to 90 degrees.

Conditions were dryer than normal for late August (this turned out to be the start of a lengthy period of drought). Nevertheless we collected and identified a very respectable total of 90 species – none of them new to the club.

The variety of Amanita, Lactarius, Russula, and Bolete species was diminished compared with recent forays, but we saw several species that generally start appearing as fall approaches, such as Cortinarius iodes, C. marylandensis, and several tooth fungi. We did find some edibles such as chanterelles and lobsters, but fewer than expected for this location.

turkey pen2016

Aureoboletus auriporus (formerly Boletus auriporus).  Photo by Mike Hopping.