Date: August 12-14, 2016
Leaders: Sue Brown and Ed Mayer

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The Briar Bottom Camping foray was a great success this year with 19 members attending.  There were 7 tents and 13 campers who all enjoyed the forays, delicious food and meeting new members.  Six members came out on Sat. to join the campers for the foray lunch.

The weather was beautiful throughout the weekend with showers only on Friday afternoon.  We did not think we would find too much because it was a bit dry, but the group found 127 species – an impressive total.  Two bolete species were new to the club, both quite rare:  the beautiful red-stemmed Boletus roseipes and the dull brownish Tylopilus nebulosus.  Thanks to Mike for his expert ID skills.  Because there were quite a few new members who were interested in learning more about the finds, Mike provided a very informative table walk pointing out the basic differences and identifying characteristics of the various families of fungi.

A couple of younger members were very adept at bringing in some interesting finds. Karen demonstrated her skills with appropriate technology cooking methods such as baking in a cardboard box and other fun techniques. There were plenty of shrooms to add to the delicious potluck on Sat evening. Everyone agreed that it was a great weekend and all look forward to next year’s camping foray.