Date: April 1, 2017
Leader: Mike Hopping

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We had a theory that morels might be a bit early this year and so moved this annual expedition ahead a week. Conditions during the previous several days had been warm, frost-free and nicely watered. Thirty-three club members made the trip. We arrived to find the area unexpectedly chilly, cloudy, even misty here and there. Trilliums were not quite in bloom. We had to make due with star chickweed, wild geranium, bloodroot, and a few spring beauties.

Morels were on hand for the fortunate minority. Most finds were Morchella angusticeps, the black morel. A few young, small yellow morels, M. americana, also came in, along with wood ear Auricularia americana (formerly A. auricula), and a few buttons of Ganoderma tsugae. Alice Cohen celebrated her wedding anniversary with a Cosby record 29 blacks. Her husband, John Noblitt, satisfied himself with two miniature yellows. Marriage can be like that.

But the most prized find was a large cauliflower mushroom, Sparassis crispa, located by Barbara Rothrock and her proud dog.

Alice Cohen and 29 black morels

The common brown cup, Peziza phyllogena, formerly P. badioconfusa

Springtime Entoloma, Entoloma vernum, is a poisonous, pink-spored lookalike of Pluteus cervinus