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Forays are for members only. See the newsletter sent to members every month for foray details.

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• South Carolina Upstate Mycological Society
• Cumberland Mycological Society
• Mushroom Club of Georgia

Monthly meetings are open to the public. We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm at the WNC Nature Center, 75 Gashes Creek Road, in East Asheville. Meetings feature a speaker, potluck, and recent area finds.


12 - Monthly Meeting: Morels, Timelapse, and the Fun Guy Film


4-6 Foray

10 - Foray (new members)

9 - Monthly Meeting: The Fungal Landscape with Todd Elliot

13 - Foray

19 - Foray

22 - Foray


18 - Foray

14 - Monthly Meeting: Fungal Ecology in the 21st Century with Dr. Coleman McClenaghan

We will explore the wonderful diverse world of mushrooms found in our southern Appalachian mountains and beyond. Come and learn about mushrooms that we consider beneficial and detrimental to us and the ecosystem. Times are changing as is our knowledge of most things fungal. Do we need to change our approach to how and what we forage? Dr. Coleman McCleneghan began her discovery of mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s. This adventure brought her to the University of Tennessee in the early 1990s and since that time she has been collecting fungi throughout the southern Appalachians. Currently Dr. McCleneghan teaches at Appalachian State University in the northwestern corner of North Carolina. When she is not teaching biology she works with amateur mushroom groups like NAMA and AMC. She has taught courses on edible and poisonous fungi at the Smoky Mountain Field School, Appalachian State University, and the Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont.


11 - Monthly Meeting: “Just for the Smell of It, Mushroom Common Scents: A Nontechnical Look at Wild Mushrooms from an Olfactory Perspective" with Walt Sturgeon.

Walt Sturgeon is president of the Ohio Mushroom Society, recipient of NAMA’s Award for Contributions to Amateur Mycology, and recipient of NEMF’s Eximia Award. He is also author or co-author of: "Waxcap Mushrooms of Eastern North America", "Mushrooms of Ohio", and "Mushrooms and Other Fungi of the West Virginia High Country". He is also an award-winning photographer with photos published in several field guides. His talk will include: using scents to clinch an identification, how to properly check for a mushroom’s odor, sniffing subjectivity and the power of suggestion, and scent and memory. This program should be a reminder to check for an odor in your attempts to identify mushrooms as well as to appreciate the fragrance of a known species. At forays, Walt recommends checking a mushroom for its odor and then asking the question to others, “What’s this mushroom smell like to you?” The answer may surprise you and lead to a friendly debate.

28 - Foray


9 - Monthly Meeting: "Giant Mushrooms and Humongous Fungus" by Dr. Marin Talbot Brewer, Assistant Professor of Mycology at the University of Georgia.

Dr. Brewer's talk will focus on gigantic fungi, including a single mushroom-producing individual that covers 2,200 areas of forest and is the largest organism on Earth. Other fungi that will be discussed include those that produce enormous mushrooms, including Macrocybe titans, which was recently found in Georgia. She will also share some of her ongoing research projects on fungi that are emerging plant pathogens. In addition to teaching two classes on fungi at UGA, her research focuses on the diversity and evolution of plant pathogenic fungi with interests in host specialization and fungal mating systems, and population genetics and genomics of fungi causing emerging plant diseases.

12 - Foray

18-20 - Foray

26 - Foray


2 - Foray

8-10 - Foray

13 - Monthly Meeting: Medicinal Fungi with Mateo Ryall

Mateo Ryall started the organic nursery Herb and Roots in West Asheville and teaches classes on sustainable systems of edible and medicinal plants and fungi. He has studied with Christopher Hobbs and taught classes at the Firefly Gathering, the Leaf Festival, Florida Earth Skills, the Appalachian School of Holistic Herbalism plus various other festivals and events. His herbalist and fungal background comes from prominent teachers such as Juliet Blankspoor, Sevensong, Ken Krouse, Paul Stamets, and David Aurora. Mateo's talk will be an engaging class on medicinal fungi—not a powerpoint presentation but a more hands-on approach. Come not to just learn about Reishi but the plethora of medicinal fungi out there.


5 - Foray

6 - Bessettes workshop

10 - Monthly Meeting: “The Spirits of the Forest" with Taylor Lockwood

Travel with Taylor across the globe to hunt and find the most beautiful bioluminescent mushrooms in countries such as Brazil, China, Madagascar, New Zealand, Australia, and America. Taylor’s thirty year career in mushroom photography has given him stories from most parts of the globe, and some of the most alluring images of mushrooms ever taken. In 1984 he started taking photos of mushrooms and a year later presented his first slide show for the Los Angeles Mycological Society annual fair. Since then, he has taken thousands of photos and done hundreds of shows in the U.S. and around the world. His work has appeared in the National Geographic Magazine, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and many other publications. Like many other amateur and professional mycologists, Taylor is a pioneer in the discovery and appreciation of mushrooms and other fungi.

12-14 - Foray


8 - Monthly Meeting: Cooking Preserved Foods with Michael Gentry


12 - Business Meeting


13 - Annual Holiday Potluck

Amanita muscaria


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